Wang zi and rainie yang dating ann perkins speed dating

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Wang zi and rainie yang dating

In this way, she will not be afraid of Ah Mon's disclosing the love letter anymore.

To Qi Yue's surprise, Yuan Yi has a similar liking for her.

This shocks Qi Yue and her whole class as he storms into her class and tells her that he likes her and wants her to convey a message to her boyfriend that he wants Qi Yue for himself. Yuan Yi casually mentions this to Ah Mon and he storms away in anger.

In the evening, he tells Qi Yue that nobody is more confident than he is in liking her and she belongs to him only. Qi Yue goes to Da Zhi High School to look for Ah Rang and realizes that he is Ah Mon's younger brother.

Yuan Yi happens to see them kissing and confronts their relationship, Ah Mon yells at Yuan Yi, saying that he wants Qi Yue.

After Yuan Yi runs away in anger, Qi Yue looks at Ah Mon and begins to sob.

Seeing Ah Mon has injured his hand, she offers to clean the wounds for him.

Ah Mon threatens the bullies and they run away since Ah Mon brought along his group of friends, so the bullies were outnumbered.After Qi Yue walks away in tears, Ah Mon has a strong feeling of guilt. Qi Yue and Ah Mon have some misunderstandings and they went separate ways. After she took her bath, she fainted and was saved by Ah Mon's father.Yuan Yi regrets not believing in Qi Yue and returns to her, asking her out on a date. He brings her to his house to take care of her while her mom was away on a trip. She knows from Yuan Yi that she has misunderstood Ah Mon again.To further fan the romantic seed, he wonders where she wants to get married? They meet up at a laywer’s office to draw up the relationship contract. It was produced by Comic Ritz International Production (可米瑞智國際藝能有限公司) with Chai Zhi Ping (柴智屏) as producer and directed by Lin He Long (林合隆).

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He wants to get rid of Qi Yue so that Ah Mon can be with Li Xiang.

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