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Validating fradulent documents

KYC Is Your First Line of Defense- But Not Sufficient Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulatory compliance requires financial services to perform a set of tasks to verify the identity of the customer (individual or business).These tasks are usually part of the Customer Identification Program (CIP), loosely referred to in the industry as .

The analysis and the recommendations in this article are intended to help you validate an identity and ensure an individual or business is who they say they are, rather than someone else applying under their name, with no intention of paying off the loan afterward.However, the more security checks, the less likely borrowers will be to complete their application.Click below to see how we manage this balance of user experience and risk mitigation in our ONBOARD program for online lenders.From an AML perspective, the focus of the KYC process is to ensure you know enough about your customers to flag suspicious activity, and if need be, have enough information to support an investigation.However, when performed correctly, activities during the KYC process can also help you flag serious issues like identity theft, and help you protect your business from fraud.

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