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Under age dating laws canada

“Raven” sells herself online as “classy, genuine and discreet.” She takes “donations” for her time: 0 for 30 minutes or 0 for a full hour. Online posts — once quite explicit — are slipping into euphemism.

She can be a “sweet innocent girl,” she wrote in a recent posting, “or the one to fulfill all your fantasies.” But if you don’t like tattoos, she added, she’s not the one for you. “Everything has a to be a lot more quiet now and underground,” she says.

“I came into this recently with my eyes wide open.”What seems to exist more than anything among the women interviewed for this story is uncertainty over what exactly the new laws mean and how police plan to enforce them.

But police departments contacted across the country indicate little or no change – so far. The department will still only charge sex trade workers “as a last resort,” Mackid wrote.

“There’s one guy I know, he’ll only see a girl he’s seen before, whereas before he’d go on Back Page [the Kijiji of escort ads] and go and see whoever.”But if, in the short term, some sex buyers are shying away under the new regime, Chris Atchison, a research associate at the University of Victoria, doesn’t expect it to last.

One key risk, he believes, is that, by criminalizing the purchase of sex, the government has created a powerful disincentive for Johns to come forward if they see someone being abused or forced into the trade. The Toronto Police Service is currently in the midst of a large-scale crackdown on human trafficking.

The explicit goal of the legislation, outlined in a justice department position paper, was to reduce the demand for prostitution by “discouraging entry into it, deterring participation in it and ultimately abolishing it to the greatest extent possible.”On one, limited, level, that strategy appears to be working.

“I think it’s changed for the guys since the law’s changed,” says “Stacy,” who works in a massage parlour in Edmonton.

Raven, a name she uses professionally, started selling sex in Winnipeg about a year ago. “People are worried about being busted.”Four months after the federal government brought into force new laws aimed at ending prostitution in this country, the vast grey market for sexual services in Canada remains, unsurprisingly, intact.

Clients are becoming more cautious, she believes, and advertising more discreet.

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