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There is very little direct supervision, and volunteers are expected to pro-actively assess a community's needs and develop projects to fill them.

During your service you receive a living allowance that is usually on par with what a host country national (local) in your position would make- in Cameroon, I made exactly what a Cameroonian high school teacher makes. You also receive something like 0 per month of service when you finish, which is intended to ease your readjustment back to life in the States.

Peace Corps does not work in dangerous, war-torn or unstable countries.

Countries need to apply for a Peace Corps program, and so Peace Corps is generally a welcomed presence.

Peace Corps does not force itself on a country, and doesn't operate where they are not wanted (India, for example, declines to work with Peace Corps.) Peace Corps volunteers are strictly prohibited from getting involved in any intelligence activities- they are even discouraged from casually interacting with embassy officials (a bummer for them, because embassies can be the best source of American food.) There is, I think, a 5 year moratorium before you can even think about applying to a job in intelligence. Feel free to ask anything about my service or the program in general!

Professor Julie Helling at WWU is looking for RPCVs to talk with her students in her class “The Peace Corps Experience”.

Each student in the class is required to interview an RPCV from the country that they are writing their research papers on.

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The application process is relatively competitive, and fairly involved.

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