Lesley wexler dating tallahassee

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Lesley wexler dating tallahassee

MIW Accepting Applications for 2018 Mentoring Program.

The window to apply for the 2018 Mildred Carter MIW Group Mentoring Program is open now through January 12, 2018.

Longtime radio programmer and marketer turned author Dwight Douglas has just written and published a new, topical media-related novel that makes great fodder for talk radio conversation.

See Kinosian’s entire report Cumulus Elects to Miss .6 Million Interest Payment; Restructuring Talks to Intensify.

The decision by the restructuring committee of Cumulus Media’s board of directors to forgo the scheduled interest payment of .6 million due yesterday (11/1) is designed to emphasize the importance of negotiations with creditors for restructuring the company’s debt.

founder Michael Harrison says, “I used to work with Dwight back in the golden days of FM rock radio and always though he was extremely clever and very much in touch with the nuances of popular culture.

He was instrumental in the early career and rise of Howard Stern.

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The book titled, tells the story of a famous (fictitious) cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, who leaves New York on his quest to find truth.

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