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Is rob dyrdek dating his receptionist

This great plan consists of hug-therapy, a sleepover, and...

But, when Blaze starts to insert himself into the picture and will not stop until he has his hands on Lacey once more, will Andy and Lacey survive or will it be more than they bargained for?

In the occasion of Christmas Chanel shared a picture via Instagram where she is seen enjoying Christmas Liam Horne.

Moreover, on August 25, 2015, Chanel and Liam were captured kissing when they attended "Weedmaps Presents A Special Performance By Chanel West Coast" at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California.

Caption: Chanel and Liam indulging in PDA at an event in California in 2015.

Again on April 9, 2016, Chanel and Liam together attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards at Warner Bros. Caption: Chanel and Liam posing for the cameras as they attend MTV Movie awards in California in 2016.

Just when you thought his life couldn't get any more obscure and insane, Rob pushes it all to the next level in this new chapter, solidifying it as the most exciting and hilarious season yet.

At the red carpet premier of her commercial, Rob surprises Patty with an incredible special guest.

In this new and improved Factory Tour, Rob Dyrdek guides you through all the fun and innovations of the Fantasy Factory.

Big Black, Rob's old friend and former roommate, visits the Fantasy Factory and moves into a temporary office in Corpo.

When Rob discovers that Drama is planning to get a full mouth of veneers, he enlists the help of Big Black to prepare Drama for a modeling photo shoot in the factory.

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Chanel took singing and dancing lessons as a kid and was influenced by her DJ dad.