Handsome boy modeling school dating game part 1

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They talk each night, he is trying to drive her out of his home, but she has no choice but to stay as she has been sent there almost as a prisoner or exile.

I'm looking for the title or author of a contemporary (British, I think) romance novel about an overweight woman who loves/idolizes someone (let's call him X) whom she has known for a while.

I don't remember either the title or author but somewhat the premise.:) Seems like they're really poor/all of their supplies are gone. (I seem to run across that book everytime I try to search for this book! She answers an add for a wife and meets the man she thinks she will be marrying.Turns out to not be him, but his brother, whom she instantly dislikes.:)Erin Looking for a book I read sometime between 20, dont remember when exactly, I was at a library.The book is historical fiction, set in medieval/renaissance time period in England.

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I'm so sorry if it's sketchy but here goes: the book is a historical romance novel that takes place in either Oregon or Washington in the late 19th century. I'm not sure if it's a past harlequin historical title, or an early Avon or Zebra historical book. I'll also try to work on others' requests for info.