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To enable true public oversight, more disclosure is required.

Without information about the actual amount of pledged assets, the public will have no clear baseline from which to evaluate the financial outcomes of the event.

One only need recall the paramilitary police posture adopted during St. As seen with the 2008 RNC, the heavy federal involvement in NSSE security planning and underwriting tends to accelerate security trends that might not otherwise develop in a locality left to its own devices.

For instance, the vast majority of municipal security cameras that are now spread across St.

Last month's announcement of the Twin Cities' selection as the site for the 2018 Super Bowl has been touted as a civic "win" by local business leaders and public officials.

As with the new Vikings stadium where it will played, the event has been touted as a community-enhancing public-private partnership that will create economic benefits for all.

To date, officials of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority have categorized bid data as "nonpublic" until after the 2018 Super Bowl event has ended.

In analyzing the figures, the Tampa Tribune reported that the claimed impacts included million worth of congressionally appropriated security funding — reallocated tax money, as opposed to increased restaurant and hotel revenue.

Closer to home, security grants and other federal appropriations were likewise characterized as part of the total "economic impact" figures cited in connection with the 2008 RNC in St. The influx of federal money associated with NSSEs raises a second set of issues for host cities to consider.

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