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This seven-day training, created by Go E president and training director Silvia Hartmann, will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed as a trainer and teach Go E Modern Energy courses to the next generation of energists.

Whether you know a technique such as Tapping, Energy EFT, EMO Energy in Motion, Infinite Creativity or Modern Stress Management - I'm sure you know just how big a deal they are for managing emotions, releasing anxiety, stress, fears and phobias - then actively promoting positive energy states such as creativity, goal setting, attraction and building the future you want to live in. If you're not going to the conference then you may pre-order the book here and we'll ship it out to you the following week.*** Free Go E Membership Offer: Pre-order The Energy of Attraction and immediately receive three months of Go E Standard Membership including access to the Go E Digital Library!The Go E Trainer's Guide is now ready for all our trainers to download free-of-charge.It is crammed full of advice for trainers at all levels and explains the support and procedures we have in place to help you succeed.

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We're excited to announce a huge new benefit for Go E members - the Guild of Energists Digital Library.

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