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Alicia’s celebrity girlfriend was one of those once in a lifetime deals.

She couldn’t possibly have thought Kristen Stewart was going to be with her forever.

Mid 1889 - designs for decanters with trails and prunts 1890 some rock crystal - not high quality. In mid 1930, themed cocktail sets along with hunting scenes. Little attempt at texturing by shading, may use light and dark colours. Ludwig Kny was influenced by Russian ballet, Egypt - blocks of colour - art deco - lotus flowers, feathers etc.

c1900 Peacocks trails 1928-1939 (Earlier Jules Barbe c1901 - intricate gliding patterns.) Enamelled glass Foundation of the enamelled designs on Stratford moulded rings between bowls and stem. Most were outlined in black, some outlined in gold such as Persian 26428 in 1933. First non-floral designs in Jan 1929, chevrons, diamonds, triangles, spots and papyrus - sundae dishes and powder bowls.

Don’t be surprised if Kristen goes public with Nicholas Hoult soon, sending a clear message to Alicia Cargile that their romance is over.All of the abstract designs were acid etched first - giving depth and texture.Mid 1930 - enamel also on V shaped cocktail glasses.Alicia Cargile must be heartbroken after recently trying to work things out when she was spotted with Stewart on Christmas Eve.It doesn’t seem to bother Kristen that her break up is so fresh, because she was spotted headed for an NYC hotel with Hoult on January 5, not even two weeks after the Cargile sighting.

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Maybe Kristen learned while dating her seemingly uninteresting assistant that the major stars don’t do that.

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