Consolidating units in hospitals

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With approximately 1,800 employees, the Bermuda Government-owned Bermuda Hospitals Board is Bermudas second largest employer, after the Bermuda Government itself (about 5,900 employees of all ranks). Newcomers, including those from the United Kingdom, should note there is no equivalent in Bermuda to a treasured national UK institution, the National Health Service (NHS) that started in 1948.There, State-funded NHS provides free hospitals and health treatment to all Britons including free prescriptions and free dentistry and eyesight matters for low-paid Britons, and is embraced by all political parties.It has a Bermuda Government-approved Board and a Chief Executive Officer, responsible for King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. For more information, please log on to is an Associate of the American Hospital Association.At the heart of both organizations is high quality care to all patients. It has been accredited since 1972 by Accreditation Canada, formerly the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation, but does not appear on the latter's website.Under the Nurses Act 1969, all nurses, whether registered (SRN or equivalent) or enrolled, are required to renew their licenses on an annual basis. She said the average Bermudian life expectancy of 81 was a great achievement but brought problems in its wake.The Medical Program at KEMH has an Annual Review and Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Bermuda-based prominent international corporation Merck Sharpe and Dohme. The minister explained: Greater longevity means, for example, that we now require care for longer periods of time, and that we are more likely to have decreased quality of life during our final years.

In the USA, where hospitals are privately financed built and operated, patients pay for all services they use.The warning came from Hans Diehl, a US expert in preventive medicine and founder of a programme designed to cut the impact of preventable diseases.Dr Diehl, who started the Complete Health Improvement Programme, said education, motivation and inspiration, along with strong public health policies are needed to help to tackle the chronic disease problem in Bermuda.Ms Hope said that the side effects of the disease could be avoided through prevention, early detection and proper management.She added: Good education has been shown to be as effective at lowering blood sugar levels as many diabetes medications and regular monitoring and appropriate interventions help individuals to avoid the complications of diabetes.

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She added: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a serious lung disease which over time makes it harder to breathe.

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