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Are you one of the 70% of Americans who identify as Christian?

Are you dating in the US and seeking someone who shares your beliefs? Elite Singles can help – we understand the importance of your faith and endeavor to match you with Christian singles who share your values.

But then there were Gilded Age Christian merchants like John Wanamaker who built urban department stores and placed Christian art in them during the holiday seasons.

Now we have In-N-Out Burger, which gives you a side of Bible verses whether you order the meal deal or not.

It has often included issues of doctrine and culture.

Before we accept Christ as our Saviour we are spiritually dead to sin. We are born sinners and even if we try to be a ‘good’ person we will fall short of what God requires for an eternal place in Heaven with Him.

It's our mission to help faith-minded singletons unite with our Christian dating platform." Corinthians 13:4-7 According to the Pew Research exam, some 70% of Americans identify as Christian.

While this sounds like a lot, many American Christians are not particularly active in their church communities. This may be a small matter for some but, for Christian singles who want a faith-filled partnership it's a vital difference, adding to the challenge of finding a partner who you trust shares the same values.

When He submitted to the will of the Father and shed His blood on that cross He made a way for each of us to enter into God’s presence. When we acknowledge His sacrifice and accept Him as our personal Lord and Saviour we are ‘covered’ by the blood He shed on the cross for us. It’s acknowledging sin in our life and recognising that only through Christ can we be made holy (pure) before God.

Only then can we rest in the assurance that we are eternally saved.

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