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Matthews learned the ideas of renovating houses and became an expert in the field by the time she was a young adult.

Matthews completed her education from the Boston University.

This led to her rise in interest in this field and she did similar kind of projects through various organizations.

With a passion for innovation, architecture, design, and education, Amy Matthews has followed her dream and is changing how people view one of their most important investments in life, their home.

Amy inspires people to tackle just about any home improvement task as a contractor and the host of shows on HGTV, DIY Network, and The Design Throughout her career, she has done every home improvement job imaginable, from wielding a sledgehammer, to designing the remodel of a 9000 sq. corporate headquarters, to taking part in the construction of complete home builds.

She has appeared in a number of commercials; both national and regional including the 3M Scotch Blue painter’s tape as well as the Home Advisor.

Matthews has appeared also in the leading roles of four feature films.

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Matthews has been romantically linked to Vlad Lashing of Lashing Guitars.

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