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Accomodating students with mood disorders

This in-depth look at the mental health crisis on university campuses first appeared in 2012.

Read the story, check out our tips for dealing with stress. Textbooks were purchased—and new outfits, new computers, new posters to decorate dorm room walls.

Y., is known; in early 2010, they were the sites of three Cornell student suicides of a total of six that year.

Students cross the bridges daily on their way to class.

Cornell’s bridge nets are just a small, if highly visible, part of its overall mental health strategy—an effort aimed at restricting access in case of impulsive suicides, not unlike keeping firearms locked inside a cabinet.

At Queen’s, a final report from the commission is due in October.

She says, “there’s probably never been a more complicated time to be growing up than right now.” The truth is, it’s never been easy to be young.

The fact is Cornell’s mental health initiatives have been a model to other schools.The Queen’s commission was, in some ways, influenced by Cornell’s experience.That university has grappled with the label of “suicide school,” a reputation Tim Marchell, director of mental health initiatives, acknowledges, but insists is a misperception.Students are competing more fiercely to win a spot in top universities: the average grade of incoming students at Queen’s in 2011 was 88.1 per cent, up from 87.4 in 2007.At the University of Virginia, 90 per cent of students are from the top 10 per cent of their high school classes, according to Joseph Davis, associate professor of sociology.

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